How Much Should I Tip for Valet Parking? (with pictures)

As one former valet put it creatively, tip $1 for every $10,000 your car is worth. In the event there is no service fee, throw in a few extra bucks on top of the tip would normally give. In the case of my 2008 Honda Civic where I parked with no service fee, my tip should have been $4-$5. I came to this figure through the following formula: $2 (valuing my car at a generous 20K) + $2-3 for not The whole tipping story starts right when you arrive at the casino. If you want to save a few bucks, most places will let you self-park your car without the assistance of a valet. Some casinos, though, don’t offer self-parking and require everyone to valet their car (which is a bit annoying). Most people are aware that you’re supposed to tip the valets, but there is a lot of discussion My valet buddy currently has a large bruise on his leg from a woman who was too eager to get into her vehicle without tipping. If you don't plan on tipping for the complimentary valet service, then go park your own car. If you disagree with that, like some commentators here do, I'm sorry but that's just the way the hotel business is run. If you Whatever the casino’s tip-sharing policy is, your generosity will be appreciated. Most people simply tip out of courtesy; others think tipping big will help them win. If you want to spread the wealth, go right ahead. Everyone loves a “George” (casino-speak for a generous tipper). However, it won’t influence the outcome of the game at all. Although most drivers tip the valet parking attendant, it is very important for one to refrain from tipping if the valet service was poor. For example, if the vehicle wasn’t brought out on time, especially if the venue is not crowded, or the valet had an impolite attitude then a driver shouldn’t tip. The rule of thumb is that tipping is optional and it should only be done if the valet Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City: Valet Parking - See 2,903 traveler reviews, 315 candid photos, and great deals for Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City at Tripadvisor. Avi Casino: Check-in & valet parking - See 357 traveler reviews, 34 candid photos, and great deals for Laughlin, NV, at Tripadvisor. We share more about how to tip a valet and tipping policy below. Upon Arrival. Once you arrive, you’ll simply pull up to the valet parking section and get out of your car. Valet will sometimes open the door for you for formal events and high-end establishments. Then, they will provide you with a claim ticket that you’ll use to retrieve your car. You might want to tip the valet who takes Valet Attendant – Never have used this service before but the recommendation seems to be $2 for drop-off and $2 for pick-up. VIP Host – If you have a VIP casino host it’s nice to tip them if they do a good job, most can’t accept cash so gift cards are a good idea. Tipping Dealers. There exists a handful of different types of people that should receive tips at your typical casino Tipping casino employees became legal in England less than a decade ago so, while the casino culture dictates that you should tip when you gamble there, you will not be expected to tip as big as

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