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Just a thought I had about the casino waitresses.

So I had I idea about something I noticed while scamming the casino out of a million dollars today. While I was walking down to the blackjack table and kept passing waitresses carrying empty trays and thought that there should be drinks on the trays that you can drink like champagne and stuff.
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[TOMT][MOVIE] Casino waitresses are cashing out their tips as a cover for a heist

This scene from what I believe to be from a movie popped into my head, where all the waitresses were at a casino cashing out their tips at the end of the night because they wouldn’t be suspected as being fake or stolen or something. I believe it is part of a plot to scam the casino I think. I just can’t think of the movie.
I believe there was some voiceover about how they would never be suspected.
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Sydney wives already shading flawless Melbourne - 'lack decorum' and are 'retired casino waitresses'

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Concierge Marie Conspiracy: You can see Concierge Marie as casino waitress (S2E22). She is a spy from Canadian Secret Service.

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Any tips for casino cocktail waitressing?

I've had serving and bartending jobs off and on for the past 11 years, including a strip club waitress job (non-alcoholic) for almost that entire timespan. The club waitress job is SO easy and low-stress in every way compared to any restaurant or dive bar I've worked at, (hence me staying there so long) but the tips just aren't what they used to be, so I picked up a second job cocktail serving for a casino. I haven't started yet, and I've never worked in a casino setting before.
Problem is, I've been traumatized and physically/mentally drained from every other serving job I've had, (I know I know, join the club) and that's with over 10 restaurants/bars since 2007. I almost feel less competent going forward with this new job than I did back when I was clueless with no experience, since I had a lot more youthful energy and determination to not get fired at the places and improve my skills.
I applied at the casino because my friend who referred me was really encouraging about it and said that the cocktail servers do really well in tips there -- and simply because it's not a restaurant or dive bar (Plus it has to be nighttime work, that's why I'm not trying for more retail or office/temp work).
Does anyone have any experience as a casino waitress who can share what's most stressful/challenging about that environment, what's preferable about it to you, or any suggestions/tips? Much appreciated!
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I'm Glad She Ate My Cake

My sister has always been a jerk. When we were children she would go out of her way to break my toys just to make me cry. As a teenager, she would hit on my boyfriends to see if she could prove she was prettier. As an adult, she would hoard things from the people she lived with, for no reason other than out of spite. Needless to say, there's a reason she doesn't get invited to a lot of Christmas parties. I would describe her as being just as obnoxious as much as she is an odd duck. She sleeps with cotton balls in her ears, fearing that a bug might crawl into her ear canal otherwise, well that and she is the worst dancer I have ever seen in my life. Through it all though, I still laugh at the time my intolerable sister got her comeuppance.
To set the scene, this all happened during a time when my sister was in college and I was visiting for the weekend along with my brother just before my birthday. We were all completely broke and our meals were usually discounted canned foods and microwavable noodles, which is not the most satisfying of meal options. Needless to say, when my brother offered to drive the hour cross town to get a special order strawberry cake (my favorite) as a birthday present to me, I was appreciative of his kind gesture.
The evening before my birthday and after my brother had picked up my cake, I could hear an argument brewing in the living room. It seemed my sister had taken the made to order cake and had eaten almost all of it herself while watching a made for TV movie in the dark. My brother was irate about the whole thing because she had uncaringly destroyed the great effort he had gone through that day for a night-time fridge raid. He also took issue with her making more money at her job as a casino waitress and that she didn't bother to chip in at all for the cake that she was eating. As he in an annoyed tone, tried to explain to her why she should stop eating the last of my birthday cake, she simply looked at the TV as if he wasn't even there.
I walked into the living room and turned on the light to see what was going on. This was enough to distract my sister from the movie she was so fixated on. As soon as the light came on I heard my brother gasp in horror. When I looked at my sister who was sitting on the couch I could see her shaking as she looked at what was left of the half-eaten cake that had a slight maggot filling. I shrieked a little at the sight. My sister, on the other hand, went into action mode in her state of panic and ran to the phone to immediately to call the poison control centerline. Through tears and hysteria, she cried "I've been poisoned! I'm dying, I ate maggots, lots of maggots!" The operator on the other line told her to drink lots of water and that she should probably be okay. My sister having none of that, went into the bathroom to try to force herself to vomit. All while my brother and I were still processing the scene.
Now normally, my brother and I are sympathetic people. We volunteer for socially conscious causes and do our best to be charitable whenever possible. I've literally witnessed my brother give the coat off of his back to a person in need knowing he was too poor to buy another coat for himself any time soon. Yet knowing this, it may have been one of the few times that I have ever seen my brother choke back his own laughter at another person's expense at seeing my beyond selfish sister cry at eating a maggot filled cake. Still, she lived and probably got some protein out of eating it anyway.
As it turns out the bakery the cake was ordered from had some unpleasantness with the health department to sort out more than once. My brother called to complain about the incident the next day and although he was offered many coupons to eat there for free after, he politely declined. I suppose the only birthday present my sister ever gave me was eating a cake that I would have otherwise. To this day though, my sister shares all food with others before taking a bite and has not ruined a birthday since. To me, comeuppance is actually a combination of bad behavior and the time it takes for it to catch up to a person. In my sister's case, she particularly enjoyed making everything about herself. Now because of the events of that day, my still selfish sister at least superficially puts others first by not stealing food.
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Casino cocktail waitresses: is your job really lucrative? It always seemed like the kind of gig that a smart, pretty 21-year-old girl could do for 5 years and put a few hundred k in the bank; is that the case? What's your experience been like?

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Culinary union

I’m a part time beverage server on the Las Vegas strip. We became union 5 years ago and our contract is currently up for negotiation. 5 years ago we could have combined service servers with lounge servers (service are the casino waitresses working slots and table games whereas the lounge servers serve the bars) but we didn’t.
Well now the union is wanting us to combine which nobody wants except for a select few. The lounges have a higher turn over rate. So in those 5 years a lot of waitresses were able to become fulltime. Whereas the service bars don’t so in the last 5 years only 6 bids have come up but there were also layoffs so it kind of counteracts
So service bars oncall list has been very stagnant. With absolutely no movement whereas the lounge bars have had plenty. I bring this up because if we combine all those lounge servers have more seniority then people who started YEARS before them because service never had any openings. The lounge waitresses don’t want to combine and the service waitresses don’t want to combine. And NONE of the on call servers want to combine.
They are hosting a vote tomorrow. Which will be off property and they are only allowing fulltime servers to go. Obviously most fulltime servers don’t care since it doesn’t effect them. So the only ones going are the ones that want to combine.
Is there anything I can do? I’m going to show up to the meeting regardless. I pay my dues and I should be represented by the union.
Can the union host an off property vote and exclude certain people from voting?
Also the shop stewards we have are the ones that want this. They have been pretty vocal on their opinions of oncall. They believe that there should be no oncall that all callouts should be absorbed. They believe on call is employed for their benefit. That it’s their right not to have oncall employees. They believe oncall employees to be lazy.
So honestly on call aren’t exactly representated by our shops
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My post-figure-skating-competition, 10-y.o. daughter looking like a tired cocktail waitress coming off a long shift at a cheap casino.

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Enjoying a Buffalo Trace at the casino(Golden Nugget Lake Charles). Ask the waitress for a Glencairn and she looked at me funny. Nevermind. It's a bourbon thing. Stay safe everyone. Cheers y'all!! 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

Enjoying a Buffalo Trace at the casino(Golden Nugget Lake Charles). Ask the waitress for a Glencairn and she looked at me funny. Nevermind. It's a bourbon thing. Stay safe everyone. Cheers y'all!! 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃 submitted by PokerProTX to WhiskeyTribe [link] [comments]

Small Town Murder - Episode 131

Winnemucca, Nevada, where a newly transplanted resident comes up missing. Police think they know who did it, until they also disappear. Who is causing these mysterious vanishings? Only a rural casino waitress can help break the case open!
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Enjoying a Buffalo Trace at the casino(Golden Nugget Lake Charles). Ask the waitress for a Glencairn and she looked at me funny. Nevermind. It's a bourbon thing. Stay safe everyone. Cheers y'all!! 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

Enjoying a Buffalo Trace at the casino(Golden Nugget Lake Charles). Ask the waitress for a Glencairn and she looked at me funny. Nevermind. It's a bourbon thing. Stay safe everyone. Cheers y'all!! 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃 submitted by PokerProTX to whiskey [link] [comments]

[TOMT] [Movie] Casino Scene

I vaguely remember a scene in a movie that takes place in a casino. In the casino, waitresses walk around with plates full of hypnotic flowers that force you to not leave when you eat them. I remember someone replying to the main character with "What are you talking about? It's 1999."
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Just enjoying some Buffalo Trace at the Casino(Golden Nugget Lake Charles). The waitress looked at me funny when I asked for a Glencairn. The she asked "What's that"? Nevermind. It's a bourbon thing. 😉 Cheers y'all! 🥃🥃🥃

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Costume Themes

Nya-Tan/Cat = Every Catgirl in Anime
Chu-Tan/Rat = Sentai Villain
Moo-Tan/Ox = Cowgirl
Shima-Tan/Tiger = Chinese Martial Artist
Usa-Tan/Rabbit = Magician/Alice in Wonderland
Dora-Tan/Dragon = Japanese Traditional
Shaa-Tan/Snake = Arabian Dancer
Uma-Tan/Horse = Shrine Maiden (Why?)
Mei-Tan/Sheep = Nurse
Key-Tan/Monkey = Beachwear?
Piyo-tan/Rooster = Casino Waitress
Ino-Tan/Dog = Tough Girl?
Uri-Tan/Boar = ??? (What exactly is her theme supposed to be based on?)
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I got drunk at the casino, fell for the cocktail waitress, and went broke.. I definitely am going to have to buy ______!

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The Cooler ( 2003) - Bernie Lootz (William Macy) is the unluckiest man in Vegas. In fact, his luck is so bad, he's employed to kill high rollers' successful runs. But when he falls in love with a cocktail waitress (Maria Bello), his newfound luck wreaks havoc on the casino floor.

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I have to deal with Karens as a cocktail waitress at a major casino. Please save me.

Hey guys,
Karen is my worst nightmare. I hate her so effin much!!!!! I am a cocktail waitress in a casino and whenever I walk past her in her usual slot machine she calls the manager. SHE DOESN'T EVEN GIVE ME A CHANCE TO FUCKIN' SERVE HER. I have 50 other customers to serve also you fat, entitled, old bitch. kill yourself Karen.

anyways. This Karen has called the manager on me 2 or 3 weeks in a row because I didn't excitedly run up to her and ask her if she wants her usual FOUR WATERS, and TWO TALL DIET [IN A BIG PINT GLASS, WITH ICE] PEPSIS WITH EXTRA CHERRIES FOR HER AND HER HUSBAND. THESE ORDERS ARE REALLY FUCKING HEAVY KAREN, you old bitch. I HAVE TO WALK ACROSS THE CASINO JUST TO DELIVER these to your old entitled bitch ass. YOU ASK FOR 6 DRINKS FROM ME EVERY TIME AND ZERO TIP. YOU DON'T EVEN SMILE AT ALL AND GET MAD WHEN I DELIVER THEM TO YOUR LOSER, DUMB ASS. maybe that is why I ignore you, asshole.

This piece of shit is making my life a living hell and it's made me turn against my other co workers. I feel bad now after realizing that this is just a Karen phenomenon that literally half of all american citizens experience. It's not just me. I shouldn't put the blame on my coworkers. This bitch has a serious mental problem for trying to get me in trouble and calling the manager because I don't suck up to her bitch ass.

/sigh. Seriously Karen has made me really tough on co workers and I don't let them take longer breaks at all when I cover their areas in the casino. I just can't handle all the needy people.

please, can you guys offer some kind words of advice?... how would you feel if this person orders all these drinks from you and not give you a single dollar, then on top of that, calls the manager just for simply WALKING PAST HER. I DON'T EVEN SEE HER AT ALL SHE IS INVISIBLE TO ME. BUT SHE MAKES HER DUMB ASS VISIBLE BY CALLING MANAGEMENT.
management understands and they are on my side and I think they are aware of this Karen phenomenon also.
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i'm a cocktail waitress, casino makes me pay for a mistake

hi legal advice,
I'm a cocktail waitress at a casino. I accidentally gave change back for $100 to the wrong guest. Change was $85. He left the machine, and I did not know, so I gave one drink to the lady he ordered it for, and the other one to the dude, along with $85 of change in his same slot machine. Turns out, this is the WRONG DUDE. The original guy left his slot machine. No one stopped me, the other guy conned me and took the money and the drink.
The managers find out later and make me pay the guy $100. I get mad and I'm like why do I have to pay? And they're like, cuz we have to pay the guest back. And I'm like ok fine here is the money but I need it back tonight or tomorrow. I am leaving with nothing. This is all I made tonight.
And they're like, okay.
This is totally illegal in the state I live in, which is California.
I told them to look at the surveillance and they said they will.
I'm going to work tomorrow early to speak with the head manager. What should I expect?
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TIL that in 1986, the American Physical Society held a conference in Las Vegas. Most of the 4000 physicists didn't play at the casinos, resulting in the city's worst week ever, and the organization being asked by the city to never return.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 67%. (I'm a bot)
What happens when several thousand distinguished physicists, researchers, and students descend on the nation's gambling capital for a conference? The answer is "a bad week for the casino"-but you'd never guess why.
This goes double in a gambling destination like Las Vegas, where hotels have casinos built-in; the Grand doesn't just collect on room charges, it also gets a good portion of however much each guest was planning on taking to the tables.
This is so central to the business model of casino hotels that they'll often give rates much lower than what a non-casino hotel could afford to offer, under the assumption that they'll recoup at the tables-it's the same reason you can often find free alcohol and startlingly nice food at all-you-can-eat casino buffets.
Whatever the case may have been, the week of the '86 APS April meeting found the gaming floor almost completely empty, leaving the casino with its record-low take; in the words of one casino waitress: "They each brought one shirt and a ten-dollar bill, and changed neither."
By staying at a gambling hotel but obstinately refusing to gamble, everyone who booked their reservation with the group effectively had their stay subsidized by guests who were lured in by the chances of a big win-which is probably why Las Vegas hotels never bid on APS conference contracts anymore.
The "Monte Carlo method" a sort of large-scale statistical guess-and-check technique, derives its name from the same casino that gave the Monte Carlo fallacy-better known as the Gambler's Fallacy-its name.
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[FEATURE]Stand Tall! (106 pages, romantic comedy)

A casino waitress discovers size matters when a mishap makes her literally the biggest star in Vegas (16 feet, 3 3/8 inches). She then battles a blackmailing mobster to rescue her kidnapped scientist boyfriend.
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I am about to start working as a FA, I am in initial training for a charter airline in Canada. My background is mostly as a cocktail waitress in Casinos. Do you have any advice on how to be successful in this role, and to have a long lasting career in aviation as an FA?

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Our best Topless Waitresses Melbourne. - YouTube A Vegas Casino ( The Rio) Waitress Doing Her Side Work. Confessions of a Cocktail Waitress - YouTube When You Have a Hot Waitress - YouTube Resorts Casino - Cocktail Waitress Las Vegas cocktail waitress tips - YouTube Beautiful Korean Waitress at Las Vegas Casino - YouTube Uniforms for cocktail waitress bars casinos nightclubs ...

Bartenders tips are +EV compared to tipping the cocktail waitresses. Reply. Report inappropriate content . Petre D. Wayne, New Jersey. Level Contributor . 250 posts. 15. Re: Harrahs today absolutely no cocktail waitresses?? Nov 13, 2020, 8:38 PM. Save. True Coach. Since they were shutting down the bar that nite (wed), made certain to exchange contact info with a few bartender's - since we may ... Two former cocktail waitresses have filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Parx Casino of Bensalem, Pa., demoted them because they were pregnant. Alycia Campiglia, 27, of New Jersey, and Christina Aicher, 31, of Pennsylvania, were both Parkettes, the name by which the Parx’s cocktail waitresses Casino Waitresses 2011年1月5日 星期三 . All Playstation Games Dvd Rom Many PlayStation 2 fanatics are scared to repeat their discs and make backup copies owing to anti-piracy laws. What a lot of persons do not know is that copying games, audio files, and also movies is not illegal. For provided you maintain the copies for your private use. What is illegal is should you start trying to ... On my first trip to Vegas i was a little disappointed about the cocktail waitresses.You see all the movies with the hott Learn more at Covers Forum The Dallas Casino & Poker Rentals Difference. Waitresses . To augment the VIP experience, waitresses can be provided at your event. Our wait staff knows what it takes to make your guests happy so that everyone has an enjoyable experience. All of our staff is professional, and no detail will go overlooked at your casino event. Contact us to ... Casino cocktail waitresses currently employed at Atlantic City casinos owned by Caesars Entertainment have reacted strongly to a new automated process for serving drinks to customers that was ... Which casino do they waitresses wear the skimpiest outfits? Watch this Topic. Browse forums; All. Browse by destination. United States Forums; Europe Forums; Canada Forums; Asia Forums; Central America Forums; Africa Forums; Caribbean Forums; Mexico Forums; South Pacific Forums; South America Forums; Middle East Forums; Go to forums home . Beyond destination forums. Air Travel; Honeymoons and ... Casino cocktail waitresses fight to wear comfortable shoes after hours in high heels causes 'foot damage' By Associated Press. Published: 09:50 EST, 10 June 2013 Updated: 09:50 EST, 10 June 2013

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Our best Topless Waitresses Melbourne. - YouTube

You Discussed Me- by the Glory Box Girls Things to NEVER say to a Cocktail Waitress! A waitress at the rio casino in Vegas. NBA Old School SAVAGE Moments!!: NBA will NEVER Be Like THIS Again! MUST WATCH! http://www.badgirlzfashion.comUniforms for cocktail waitress bars casinos nightclubs Miami's Bad Girlz Uniforms Description Resorts Casino - Cocktail Waitress spacematerial. Loading... Unsubscribe from spacematerial? ... Las Vegas Cocktail Waitresses - Duration: 3:37. urbanphotos 41,016 views. 3:37. PILOT DIES ... Follow me on my YouTube journey as I learn to build and create content. As always follow me on all platformsInstagram @sannyluSnap chat @sannyluuFacebook @Sa... SUBSCRIBE TO JULIA!: to LoveLiveServe: O... Some of the best Melbourne topless waitresses are hard to find so we have created a clip giving you a peek of some if the best Melbourne Topless waitresses w...