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New Epiphone Casino Problems. By indysmith, October 1, 2009 in Epiphone Electrics. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. indysmith 0 indysmith 0 Member; Members; 0 11 posts; Report post; Posted October 1, 2009. Hi All I've recently traded in my Epiphone Dot for a lovely Epiphone Casino (449 RRP) in Cherry Red. I always liked the sound I got from the Dot, but the playability I have an Epiphone Casino Coupe, which sounds wonderful unplugged and plays really well. Unfortunately, plugged in it sounds dull and muddy. I don’t have much experience with fully hollow body guitars, so not sure if that’s just what they tend towards. Or, whether it’s the brass pickup covers, or just crap pickups. anyway, I’m a big fan of p90s. So, I’m really surprised with the The Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar is the guitar that put Epiphone on the map. Ever since The Beatles purchased three Casinos back in 1964, this hollow Epi model has taken on a life of its own. Equipped with two, vintage P-90 single-coil pickups, the Casino still delivers those Beatlesque tones at a price every player can afford. Made with a select maple body and top with f-holes, trapeze I have a new MIC Casino. Bang for the buck it's a great deal. I had to do a complete set up for 11's and fix a couple of tuners that had stripped screw holes but,all in all, a great guitar. I also removed the pickguard. I was prepared to have to replace the p/us but the stock P90s sound great- nice smooth growl with very musical feedback. I I have an Epiphone Casino and I play quite loud, distorted songs (oasis/black rebel style) but it feebacks really badly! Are there any ways to reduce this??? p.s. buying a different guitar isnt an option :P. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Tom d. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. If buying a different guitar isn't an option, how about trading your Epiphone for a solid body guitar? If you can't Epiphone Casino Hollowbody + P90 = Feedback It's how they are I'm afraid! I can even get feedback when playing through a clean channel if I try hard enough :) There are certain things you can do to help 'manage' the problem, this is what I do..... 1. Use a Boss NS2 pedal to reduce unwanted noise, 2. When playing live, have your amp facing The player was also having feedback issues with the full hollow / P90 design of the Casino. An inexpensive fix was to stuff black foam inside the f-holes to help reduce the sensitivity of the body. Oddly enough, the foam I used was from my stash of foam that Stewmac uses to package Waverly tuners. View fullsize. Comment Posted in repair, bench. and. tagged with epiphone, epiphone electric

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